Currys PS5 Priority Pass explained: here's how and when you can use it to get a PS5

Currys is running a ballot system to give gamers a fair chance at bagging a PS5 console, and here's how it works

Currys PS5 priority pass PlayStation 5
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With no end in sight of the PS5 stock woes, Currys' PS5 Priority Pass increasingly seems like a really sensible way to go about getting a PlayStation 5 console. 

Currys rolled out this raffle system in an attempt to give gamers a fair chance of getting their hands on a PS5, without the hassle of dealing with crashing websites, and online queues that go on for hours only to end in disappointment. It follows in the footsteps of fellow retailer BOX, which adopted a ballot system for its Xbox Series X stock.  

If you've been following our PS5 stock tracker, you'll have seen the massive restocks that have taken place in April and May, and if you want to maximise your chances of successfully bagging a console, we suggest you check out T3's roundup of top retailer tips for securing a PS5; but the battle against bots and scalpers wages on, and Currys' PS5 Priority Pass system should help level the playing field. 

With Currys' PS5 Priority Pass, gamers can register for "a chance to buy a PS5". Just fill out your details, including name, address, and email, and Currys will randomly pick the 'winners'. Lucky entrants will be emailed a PS5 Priority Pass that contains a unique PS5 buying code, and details of your local Currys store to buy your PS5 from. The pass is only valid for 72 hours, so be sure to check your inbox and junk mail folder so you don't miss out! 

Currys clarified on Twitter that the PS5 Priority Pass isn't for online orders, and that you will need to head to an allocated location to pick up your PS5 console.

As we always remind you, the PS5 isn't region locked and some retailers ship internationally, so make sure you check out your options to maximised your chances of getting hold of a PS5. If they don't ship abroad, there's always freight forwarders to consider, as well as any friends and family in other countries you can rope into helping you get the console shipped to your address if you're really struggling with local retailers. 

If the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S are more your speed, be sure to check out T3's Xbox Series X stock tracker.

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