PS5 restock: follow these top retailer tips to maximise your changes of bagging a PS5 this week

More PS5 restocks are set for this week, and following these tips on retailer websites is your best bet for getting a console

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If you've been trying to get hold of a PS5 since launch, and have been keeping up with our PS5 stock tracker, you'll know how difficult it's been. Luckily, the community has gathered together to find the best way to secure a console at various retailers, so you can follow these tips to maximise your chances at securing a new PS5.

Since Sony released its next-gen hardware, we've been encouraging you to make accounts at the main retailers so that you can get through the checkout process as quickly as possible, without faffing about and wasting time entering payment and delivery details, but that's old news now. 2021 is turning the speedy checkout process on its head.

As we briefly mentioned in our story on the massive March PS5 restock, there's an optimal checkout process at each retailer, which has been figured out now that we've been in the trenches for over three months, and with a number of retailers gearing up for more PS5 restocks this week, now's the time to start preparing.   

PS5 stock tracking Twitter account, PS5StockAlertUK, is in agreement with the info we've seen so far, so if you're shopping at any of these UK retailers here's how to get the drop. Remember the PS5 isn't region locked, so as long as you get delivery covered, you're good. 

The retailers tipped for a PS5 restock this week include John Lewis, Very, and AO, with Argos, and Amazon UK reportedly following suit some time over the next two weeks. Currys is said to be processing a "huge PS5 drop" so we'll be keeping an eye on the website, while GAME has been pegged for another wave around March 22-26.

If you're shopping at GAME, the current advice is to opt for bundles rather than the standalone console, and to checkout as a guest with autofill to make things slightly speedier. GAME has also rolled out new measures to thwart bots, including cancelling orders if they're "obtained via skipping the GAME queue," so be patient and wait your turn.

Argos shoppers are being told to add the PS5 to their wishlist in the app before moving it to their basket in-app, and checking out on PC, which seems somewhat convoluted. According to one PS5 stock tracking account, the function of moving products from the wish list to the basket in-app is limited to Android users only, but iPhone users are being advised to download the BlueStacks Android emulator on PC/ Mac as a workaround. You can then use the app to add wish list items to your basket.  

The jury is out on Currys, although the wish list move is being recommended for shoppers there too. Amazon UK users should also take note; you're being told to add to your basket from your wish list for the best chance of getting a PS5. 

We haven't tried all of these tips out, but someone in the thread said that guest checkout at GAME is the "only reason" they got a PS5, which seems like a fairly emphatic endorsement of this process, so we'd say give it a whirl! If you're still empty-handed, what have you got to lose? 

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