Don't miss massive PS5 restock this week at Amazon, GAME, Currys and more

Don't miss out on the first PS5 restock of March, with another drop on the way in just a few weeks!

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The March PS5 restock rollout is getting under way this week, with a slew of UK retailers releasing PS5 inventory; and as we're always keen to point out to those of you based elsewhere – the PS5 isn't region locked, so if you can get hold of one from somewhere like Amazon UK, you can get it shipped to your address without worrying about it being unable to play locally bought PS5 games

The PS5 restock is part of Sony's push to get more consoles into the hands of gamers, despite production issues that could plague manufacturing until the end of the year, that will affect the Xbox Series X as well.

PS5 stock tracking Twitter account Ps5Instant, has followed up on last week's tease with some more concrete-sounding info; we've already been tipped off to two impending major shipments to the larger retailers bookending the month, and this week, we'll see things kick off with Amazon UK, Currys, Very, and Argos.  

GAME is set to drop more PS5 stock tomorrow, March 2, and was reportedly set to contact customers who have had their previous PS5 orders cancelled – presumably to give them first dibs, but we're not sure about the logistics of that process or how feasible it is to carry out. Regardless, the big day for the rest of us is tomorrow, and you can expect the PS5 stock drop between 9am and 12pm according to the Twitter tracker

According to the account, it's just the standard PS5 disc edition that drops tomorrow, with the PS5 Digital Edition following at a later date. There will be bundles, so have a look on the website in advance to get an idea of what's on offer.  

Gamers are being advised to use guest checkout at GAME, while for the Currys and Argos drops this week, to use the wishlist in-app to get through checkout as quickly as possible.

If you visit the site, but don't see any stock, it's worth being persistent; one Twitter user says they got an out of stock message when trying to pick up a PS5 during the last GAME PS5 restock, but checked again 10 minutes later and managed to buy one. 

You can keep on top of Sony's PS5 restocks using our PS5 stock tracker for all the latest updates.

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