Amazon PS5 restock set for today: here's exactly when it's happening

Don't miss out on the Amazon PS5 restock, with 46,000 consoles about to drop!

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This month has been a miracle for PS5 restocks, with retailers releasing PS5 inventory every week so far. Amazon is tipped as the next place to look this week, with a PS5 restock of its own, reportedly set for today. 

Unlike most retailers, Amazon doesn't give any warning ahead of its PS5 and Xbox Series X stock drops, so it's a mad scramble to try to get one as soon as the page goes live – but if you've been following T3's PS5 stock tracker and Xbox Series X stock tracker, you'll get some measure of warning at least! 

Amazon UK dropped its PS5 stock yesterday morning, as per the tips from a number of PS5 stock tracking accounts, and there are more PS5 restocks at retailers in the UK set for the latter half of this week as well as next week, so keep an eye out. 

Meanwhile Amazon US is set for a PS5 restock today; YouTuber Jake Randall's sources have tipped him off with the details, and apparently, Amazon is dropping a whopping 46,000 PS5 units on Thursday, March 18. The time has been narrowed down to a two hour window between 9AM and 11AM EDT which translates to 6AM and 8AM PDT. If you're a shopper in the UK who doesn't care about getting a US console, that's 1PM and 3PM GMT.

The drop is running slightly late, but insiders are confident it's still happening and could go live at any second, so be sure to keep the pages open! You may be waiting a couple hours max, but don't give up hope just yet. To get through the checkout as fast as possible, be sure to swing by our roundup of PS5 retailer tips to guide you along the best route to take at Amazon and other retailers. 

Don't forget, Amazon's regional sites ship internationally, and the PS5 isn't region locked, so it's the best place to look for PS5 stock drops outside of your country if you've been struggling to get hold of Sony's next-gen console at local retailers. 

The great March PS5 restock is giving gamers plenty of opportunities to get their hands on a PS5, and some retailers are taking measures to give them a fair chance at buying one in the face of scalpers and bots. 

In the UK, Currys PS5 Priority Pass is the most recent tactic, aping BOX and its Xbox Series X ballot, so be sure to throw your hat into the ring for a chance at buying a PS5 without jumping through the hoops of online queues and trying to checkout to no avail. Meanwhile we suggest you double check your junk mail as Sony is currently emailing customers with the chance to buy a PS5 on PlayStation Direct and cut the queue.   

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