Cadbury's Google Maps game lets you send real Easter eggs to your friends

Cadbury is letting you stash virtual Easter eggs on Google Maps and leave clues for friends to find them

(Image credit: Cadbury)

Easter is on the horizon and that can only mean one thing – gorging on silly amounts of chocolate. Cadbury is preparing by launching a virtual Easter egg hunt – an Easter egg hiding experience for the age of Covid-19, letting consumers hide an Easter egg for someone they love through Google Maps.

Sound interesting? We think so. Using Google Maps Street View, the hider can stash an Easter egg anywhere in the world and then share a clue via a link, email, or WhatsApp message. And if you're already thinking that Cadbury has hatched an ingenious sounding plan with its virtual Easter egg wizardry, then the campaign is already up and running, so you can get involved right away if you live in the UK.

The person hiding the virtual egg can pick from two options: first, to purchase one of four Cadbury Easter eggs from the Cadbury Worldwide Hide range, which coverts into real Easter eggs the friend will receive upon finding the virtual prize; second, the person doing the hiding can simply choose to hide a virtual egg for free and leave it for a loved one to find without purchasing anything.

The digital experience was created by experiential firm VCCP: “Working closely with Cadbury and their partners, we developed a scalable cloud platform that ensures a seamless user experience whether you’re taking part for fun, or buying an egg for your loved one."

It's great because it's hassle-free to sign up; the option to turn the virtual prize into real Easter eggs will definitely appeal to those chocolate lovers amongst us; and, if you just fancy dropping in to quickly stash an Easter egg for a friend or family member, then that's also on offer. 

If you do opt for the real Easter egg option and your friend can't find it by the end of March 2021, it will be despatched to you with the aim of arriving in time for Easter weekend. That should remedy some concerns of that devilish friend leaving you a particularly complicated clue.

Google Maps offers heaps of features outside a virtual space to hunt Easter eggs: you can fix missing roads, make use of Google's crowdsourcing community, and get from A to B all from the app on any of our best Android phones or best iPhone models. 

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