Football Manager studio has no plans for next-gen release

Xbox One and PS4 versions aren’t currently on the cards

Sports Interactive says it has no current plans to bring Football Manager to the Xbox One and PS4.

Footballer Manager 2015 was released yesterday for PC and Mac, prompting many to pick up a copy straight after work, head home, shut the curtains and kick off their season.

Although a lot of gamers are wondering if the simulation game will be released for PS4 and Xbox One – on a big TV with next-gen graphics any budding tactician would find it difficult to switch off.

However in an interview with TrustedReviews, Sports Interactive head Miles Jacobson revealed there's no current plans to bring the game to Sony and Microsoft's latest consoles.

“We haven't ruled them out entirely, we've said at the moment there are no plans.”

He cites multiple reasons for the studio's decision; including its failure to take off on the Xbox 360 but mostly finances.

“When we released on the Xbox 360, it didn't do that well. So, we don't think there's that great a market for it. Particularly until the consoles are more mass market, rather than the hard core gamer who has picked them up so far.For a game like ours there wouldn't be much point because financially it would cripple us.”

Jacobson explains that Football Manager is difficult to play on games consoles, especially for the same length of time it's played on computers.

“When the 360 version came out and the last one came out, we actually did a lot of research into why it didn't do that well. The thing that kept coming up over and over again is that because the average play session time on Football Manager is so high (we're around 200 hours with Football Manager 14 average play time).

“Taking over a living room as you would do with a console game is very hard to do for that length of time. When people are playing it on a computer or laptop that isn't the main screen in the house.”