Angry Birds Advent Challenge officially announced

Rovio and Samsung team up as the Angry Birds gets festive once again

Rovio has announced 25 new festive levels for the Chrome itteration of Angry Birds as well as a special microsite laden with competitions and goodies.

Further to last week's exclusive on Rovio's festive plans for Angry Birds, the mobile media company has announced all the official details. Fans of the flingable feathery fowls can enjoy 25 Winter Wonderland-themed levels over the Christmas period, as well as a special festive challenge on December 5th.

The magic fifth level is exclusive to the Chrome version of the game and presents fans with access to a special festive microsite. Rovio has teamed up with Samsung to give fans the opportunity – via this microsite – to win a selection of Samsung Galaxy Mobile devices as well as giving them access to loads of other content such as videos, holiday e-cards and of course the Angry Birds advent challenge.

“The holiday season is all about giving back and giving thanks, and this year we wanted to thank our millions of fans by giving them some great Angry Birds experiences,” said Rovio's CMO, Peter Vesterbacka. “Not only are they receiving 25 new levels in our Advent game, but they're also getting a chance to win the best Samsung products around and participate in a fun advent challenge.”

YH Lee, SVP of Global Marketing at Samsung Mobile Communications Business was also positive about the collaboration, saying, “It's so good to team up with Rovio again. Samsung has had a brilliant year and our Galaxy devices are popular all over the world, so to be able to launch a holiday experience inside the most popular mobile game in the world, is awesome!"

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