Drinking, gaming, mystery and modern art combine in Silverpoint

Absolut brings together Andy Warhol and mobile gaming and immersive theatre and booze. At last!

Absolut vodka has found a novel and cool way to market its wares: it's launched an app. That is also an immersive theatrical experience. And involves Andy Warhol. No, we haven't been drinking.

Silverpoint is the fruit of the loins of collaboration we can only describe as Absolut x Punchdrunk (of immersive theatre experiences fame) in association with Somethin' Else (of Papa Sangre renown) and the late Andy Warhol (of modern art, wig-wearing infamy).

Somethin' Else is responsible for the enigmatic puzzle game Silverpoint, which starts out as a "match three"-style puzzler, but changes into something rather more intriguing as players earn stars. The something else in this case being a mystery story about a vanished lady named Chloe.

Andy Warhol'sinput is in the game's art. It uses his rarely seen, blotted-line "Silverpoint" drawings. This style was soon superceded by his more famous techniques, such as silk screening and hanging out with lots of beautiful people on heroin, but he returned to the style with… a bottle design for Absolut, done in 1986. We're through looking glass here, people. Everything is connected!

Quite how all this folds into the immersive theatre experiences that Punchdrunk excels at remains to be seen, but perhaps you can find some answers here. And one thing we'll say for sure to any marketing people reading: send us a cool game AND a massive bottle of Warhol-themed vodka, and we will definitely consider covering it.