The next Nothing phone will come with something even Samsung and Apple don't match

It looks like the CMF Phone 1 will have an added extra

CMF Phone 1 screwdriver
(Image credit: Nothing)
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Nothing has teased a screwdriver as part of its launch plans for the CMF Phone 1.

It suggests the new handset will be big when it comes to self-repairing.

Right to repair has been a hot tech topic in recent times, with the likes of Apple and Samsung making its devices easier to fix and therefore more sustainable. However, they could go even further still – as Nothing is set to prove.

As part of its teaser campaign for the forthcoming CMF Phone 1, the company has posted an image of a screwdriver on X, suggesting that it will include the means to repair the handset yourself.

On top of that, it has been sending out the small accessory to a handful of content creators, including smartphone leaker Ben Geskin, as its launch invite.

He posted a video of the "unboxing" on his own X feed.

Normally, other manufacturers ask you to send off and even pay for the tools needed to fix their phones. It seems like Nothing plans to "break the mould" by giving you the necessary kit from the off.

On the other end of the tiny screwdriver, there's what looks to be a SIM tray pin. It could be that's all you need to service your CMF Phone 1 in future.

As for the handset itself, which is being released under the CMF by Nothing brand and is destined to be considered one of the best cheap phones out there, it has also appeared in some teaser images. However, we've not yet seen the whole device, just segments of its casing and a wheel that is believed to be a volume rocker.

We have recently seen a section featuring a screw too, which is likely where the screwdriver will come in handy. Time will tell.

The official launch for the CMF Phone 1 is slated for 10am BST on Monday 8 June 2024. Nothing also plans to unveil two second-generation devices at the same time, in the form of the CMF Buds Pro 2 and CMF Watch Pro 2.

We'll bring you more in the build up and all the news on the day as it happens.

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