Official teaser vid of Nothing's next smartphone reveals more on THAT dial (and a new colour)

A design-focused tease of the CMF Phone 1 has been released by Nothing

CMF by Nothing dial
(Image credit: CMF by Nothing)
Quick Summary

CMF by Nothing has teased its first phone's interesting dial feature on X. 

The video shows a series of black dials without much more detail than that. 

Nothing has proved itself as one of the foremost tech companies when it comes to a good teaser.

From phones to earbuds, it's loved nothing more than gazumping leakers by showing off details from upcoming devices at quite early stages, dripfeeding information to keep people hungry for more.

Now it's doing just that for the first phone from its CMF by Nothing sub-brand, one that has already been extensively covered by leaks and reports. Many of these have mentioned that the CMF Phone 1 will have one particularly unique part of its design – a dial on its rear, in the lower corner of its back. 

Along with the absence of the Glyph interface from Nothing's main phones, this is expected to be a key way to differentiate the affordable phone from others Nothing's already made. Another part of that will be its price, which is rumoured to sit at roughly £170 / $215, compared to the Nothing Phone (2a) for more like £320 in the UK. 

So, CMF by Nothing has put out a quick teaser video on X (formerly Twitter) to show that the dial is indeed going to be central to its new phone, although it's a fairly cryptic little clip. 

It features a few different-looking dials, without making it clear whether what we're looking at what will actually end up on the phone. One in particular, the middle dial of the three, looks most accurate to the leaks we've seen so far.

This could possibly mean that we're seeing prototypes alongside the final choice, or that the dial will have multiple configurations, which seems a bit radical. Either way, it's fairly tantalising and begs the question of just what it'll actually control, too. 

The clip also demonstrates that the phone will almost certainly come out in a black or dark-grey colourway, too. That's in addition to the bright orange version that was teased already. That's great news for anyone who prefers it when their phone doesn't catch the eye from 100 paces in any situation. 

We'll have to wait and see how much more information CMF by Nothing dripfeeds in the next couple of weeks, or if it has a full reveal of its first phone planned sooner than that. 

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