Chris Hemsworth shares the simple exercise he does for core strength and stability

It's not the plank or crunches...

Chris Hemsworth
(Image credit: Centr/Chris Hemsworth)

When it comes to maintaining wash-board abs, Chris Hemsworth certainly knows how it's done. The Thor actor loves sharing clips of his workouts with his Instagram followers, whether it be a snappy full-body resistant band workout, or a bodyweight strength workout, we're here for it.

In his most recent Instagram post the 40-year-old has shared a snippet of a full-body workout which he said helps him feel 'functional and strong' and, of course, in true Hemsworth-style there was a core exercise included. But, it may surprise you that this exercise wasn't the common plank or crunches.

The exercise is actually a single arm overhead carry, an excellent compound exercise that works you entire core, as well as your back and shoulders. Although a simple exercise to perform, it's incredibly effective and favoured by fitness professionals, such as Dr. Aaron Horschig when it comes to building functional strength in our midsection. 

For the exercise you'll need either a single dumbbell or a kettlebell. Don't have either? You could always use a small backpack, just stuff it with some heavy-ish objects. You'll then hold your weight above your head in one hand and walk, slowly and steadily for 30 to 45 seconds. Make sure you maintain an upright posture and don't slump to one side while doing this. If you do, lower the weight. Once your time is up, swap the weight over to the other hand and repeat. Incorporate three rounds of this into your warm ups two to three times a week and you'll be well on your way to core strength like Chris!

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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