Chris Hemsworth shares full-body workout for strength and stamina using no weights

For once, there wasn't a pair of dumbbells in sight

Chris Hemsworth workout and diet plan
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If there’s a Hollywood actor who knows anything about keeping strong and fit, it’s Chris Hemsworth. The Melbourne-born man loves sharing his workouts for building a stacked upper body and washboard abs. But, the 40-year-old actor has recently shared a full-body workout that actually uses no weights at all – that’s right there’s not a pair of dumbbells in sight, which is pretty unheard of for Chris. 

Instead, he focuses on a variety of functional fitness movements, which are made up of bodyweight exercises and movements using home gym equipment. For those wondering what the difference is between strength training – Chris’ typical style of training – and functional fitness, the latter is basically exercises that support your everyday life, such as movements like walking, pushing, bending and so on. You will still gain strength and can build muscle from doing this type of exercise, but not as much as you would just doing traditional strength training.

Chris’ workout consisted of seven different exercises, nearly all of which can be done at home with the correct equipment. Otherwise, a gym should have everything you need. For once, the actor didn’t share his rep and set regime, so we’ve given some guidance below. Take a 60 to 90 second rest in between each exercise and make sure you grab your best workout shoes and have your gym water bottle at the ready, you’re going to need them! 

  • Sprints – 20 seconds, rest for a minute, repeat four times
  • Medicine ball slams – 3 sets 30 seconds
  • Battle ropes – 3 sets for 30 seconds
  • Medicine ball standing rotations – 3 sets of 10 (each side)
  • Medicine ball wood chop – 3 sets of 10 (each side)
  • Push-ups – 3 sets of 10
  • Bear crawls – 4 sets of 30 metres

Using one of the best fitness trackers is ideal for seeing how well you perform during this type of session, including how many calories you've burnt. If you're looking for more Chris Hemsworth workouts, we've also covered his core exercise routine and his speedy upper body workout, if it's some more weight-based training that you're after.

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