Chris Hemsworth shares speedy upper body workout for strength and size

It will only take you 30 minutes, just grab a dumbbell and resistance band

Chris Hemsworth workout and diet
(Image credit: Centr/Chris Hemsworth)

If you’ve always admired Chris Hemsworth’s upper body size and strength then you’re in luck, as the actor has shared his chest, shoulder, tricep and back routine that you can do right now at home. It should take you no longer than 30 minutes, you’re just going to need a few bits of equipment first, including a pair of the best dumbbells and a resistance band.

To pack more into this workout, Chris has split it into a superset (where you perform two exercises back-to-back) and a triset (where you perform three exercises back-to-back). According to Grenade, not only is this a great way to speed up your session and the intensity of your workout, but it can also help torch stubborn fat too.  

Despite Chris doing this workout in a gym setting, all of these exercises can be done at home with a few simple bits of home gym equipment. In between your superset and triset you get a 60 second rest and you want to complete four rounds of each set in total. Make sure you're wearing a good pair of workout shoes too, like Chris, for extra stability and to help you perform each exercise with good form. Here’s Chris’ workout:


  • Bent over rows 10 reps on each side
  • Push-ups - 15 reps

60 second rest, repeat four sets in total 


  • Renegade row 8 reps on each side
  • Lateral raise  8 reps
  • Tricep push down 10 reps (use tube resistance bands with attachment or a long pull-up band)

60 second rest, repeat four sets in total 

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