BT Smart Hub wants to kill your home's black spots

Longer reach, higher speeds and more antennae promised

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British Telecom has revealed its new BT Smart Hub, which will re-energise its Wi-Fi signal and make it the most powerful signal available in Britain compared to routers from other broadband providers.

BT is aiming to offer a faster and broader service, with more locations and a reduction in dropped receptions and an increase in reliable speeds. It's planning to do this with a larger array of antennae - seven in total, which is more than any other broadband provider operating in the UK today. It will use the latest AC Wi-Fi tech so you can use multiple devices on the same signal without that drop in speed's we've become accustomed to.

"Customers want a quality connection throughout their homes and the new BT Smart Hub delivers the UK's most powerful Wi-Fi signal so customers can enjoy Wi-Fi in more places," says Pete Oliver, MD consumer, commercial, marketing and digital at BT. "It's packed with the latest wi-fi technology and is the only router from a major UK broadband provider to offer 7 antennas to offer unbeatable Wi-Fi range."

Launching in the summer, the new BT Smart Hub will be small enough to be posted through your door - so need to worry about booking a day off to receive a package - and will be made available to existing BT customers first. Current BT Infinity customers get get access to one by reorganising their contract or via a fee of £50.

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