The best cheap Rapha sale deals for August 2019

Get the best sale prices on premium Rapha cycling bibs, cycling jerseys, cycling jackets and more

Cheap Rapha clothing cycling gear deals
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Cheap Rapha cycling gear is not easy to come by. The brand is famous for it's premium products that are being sold for premium prices. Maybe on Black Friday we'll see some really good deals. until then, we can always browse the below cycling clothing deals and they aren't too shabby either.

Rapha is a brand ever cyclist recognises. Founded 15 years ago in London, Rapha quickly established itself as a fine clothing company for riders who seek style as well as practicality.

Owning a piece of clothing from Rapha gives you more benefits than it being lightweight and durable. For example, in case you lost weight due to your rigorous training and need to downsize your jersey, you can get 50 percent off a smaller size of the same style. Rapha also offers free repairs and free returns, too.

If you are part of the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) – which has more than 12,000 members already – you can turn the beautifully spacious Rapha stores worldwide to your clubhouse, where you can have a coffee or tea and browse all the latest Rapha products at your leisure.

Below are a selection of the best cheap Rapha deals online now.

Rapha Classic Glasses II – Brown | Special price £78 | Was £195 | Save £117 (60%)
The second generation of Rapha sunglasses comes with a smaller fit and longer framed arms. The arms are also ribbed to provide extra grip so they won't slide off your nose during riding. The oleophobic and hydrophobic coating helps keeping your vision clear even under less-than-ideal conditions.View Deal

Rapha Classic Flyweight jersey - Block fade print | Special price £70 | Was £100 | Save £30 (30%)
Extra-light, breathable and quick-drying, the Classic Flyweight jersey is perfect for humid condition. This cycling jersey has a more comfortable fit than the 'pro-team' cuts, yet it delivers on performance all the same. Store away all your water and nutri-bars in the back pocket. Loving the pattern too!View Deal

Rapha Poplin Shirt | Special price £47.50 | Was £120 | Save £72.50 (60%)
Look stylish on your ride. The Poplin shirt's stretch fabric makes it super comfortable to ride in and thanks to the concealed buttons, it has a clean aesthetic, too. The hidden high-vis cuff and the reflective tab on the back ensure you are seen even in the dark. Don't leave your bike lights at home, though.View Deal

Rapha Pro Team insulated gilet | Special price £84 | Was £140 | Save £56 (40%)
The Pro Team insulated gilet uses Rapha's own Polartech Alpha technology. The gilet can be thrown on top of a cycling jersey for all the days when the weather can go either way. The DWR-front is windproof whilst the back helps your body to cool down more efficiently. Also outfitted with triple rear cargo pockets.View Deal

Rapha Women's Grand Tour Gloves | Special price £52 | Was £130 | Save £78 (60%)
The Rapha Women's  Grand Tour Gloves are made of the softest African hair sheep leather and just look plain gorgeous. The material is not only soft but also highly breathable so your hands won't get all sweaty and slippery. Do note that these gloves need to be washed occasionally so the acid in sweat won't eat away the leather.View Deal

Pro Team Long Sleeve Shadow Jersey | Special price £144 | Was £130 | Save £78 (60%)
And here we are, the classic armband detailing of Rapha. The Pro Team Shadow journey is wet weather-ready, so wearing it you will also be ready for the downpour. The armband doesn't only look extremely cool but it's also reflective so all the trucks can spot you from a distance. The Shadow was also designed so it fits perfectly even in the most bent-over racing position.View Deal

Rapha Women's Logo T-Shirt (Chartreuse) | Special price £12 | Was £40 | Save £40 (70%)
Want to look cool in your Rapha but don't want to spend more than you'd spend on a medium takeaway pizza? Look no further than this logo t-shirt. This t-shirt will make you look cool if you aren't on your bike cycling around town (although why wouldn't you be?). Premium Rapha quality won't get much cheaper than this.View Deal

Rapha Crew Neck Knit | Special price £78 | Was £120 | Save £42 (35%)
Made with merino wool blend, the Crew Neck Knit is perfect for milder weather conditions. The fold-out signalcuff design is great for low light conditions and can be tucked away when wearing the jumper off the bike. Sporting the trademark armband design of Rapha, the Crew Neck has a hidden pocket at the back to store your small valuable items.View Deal

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