Need new yoga pants? Asics/Pyrates' new Capsule Collection launches on International Women's Day

Ecologically sustainable seven-piece yoga capsule collection made for women by women

new yoga pants Asics Pyrates
(Image credit: Asics)

If you are surprised to hear that Asics is launching a new collection on International Women's Day, you are not alone. The Japanese sports clothing manufacturer is most famous for its running shoes and running performance sportswear, but nevertheless, it teamed up with Pyrates Smart Fabrics, a textile development company and performance streetwear brand, to launch an ecologically sustainable seven-piece yoga capsule collection that includes what look like some of the best yoga pants we've seen.

Asics had this to say in its press release:

"The collection boasts the use of natural bio-degradable dyes derived from plants and minerals, with colours being sourced from Indian Madder Root, Mediterranean Oak Gall and Pomegranate.

The dye process is non-toxic and uses a reduced amount of water. The colours are purified, dried and always sourced from non-endangered and replenishable ingredients ensuring that the brand continues to remain ethical at every step of the process."

And it's not just the dye that is environmentally friendly: the packaging for this collection is also made from natural and reusable fabrics to "further help reduce the adverse impact on the planet and encourage the reuse of the fabric bag."

The connection between Asics and Pyrates might not seem obvious first but the former has been supporting the latter for years now through Asics TENKAN-TEN initiative, a global acceleration programme for sports and well-being start-ups.

As for the collection itself, it will consist of a variety of fitness essentials, such as leggings, wide-legged trousers, sports bras and sweatshirts. Prices to be confirmed later, we have been told.

The collection will be available from the 8th March, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Visit Asics for more information.

Matt Kollat
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