Apprentice reject launches cooking app with no added Sugar

Apprentice goes solo with ‘utterly pointless’ app

Despite failing to impress Alan Sugar, a former Apprentice contender has pressed ahead and launched his own app

Nick Holzherr, a runner-up from last year's Apprentice final has launched his own online food app, despite the fact it caused him to be on the receiving end of Sugar's famous “You're Fired” catchphrase.

A runner up from last year's Apprentice has launched Whisk; an online App that combines online shopping with home cooking, even though the idea was dramatically shot down by Alan Sugar in last year's final.

The app, which scans recipes, creates a shopping list and then adds the ingredients to the user's favourite online supermarket account, caused Holzherr to be fired from last year's series of the hit BBC One show, with Lord Sugar dismissing the idea: “It's achievable, I get that. But so is sending a man to the moon. What are we going to get out it at the end? Who could be bothered with it?” He said.

Despite not winning the backing of Lord Sugar, Nick has managed to grab over £500,000 from investors in order to create the app.

Currently on board are major supermarkets Tesco and Waitrose, with the promise of more supermarkets soon. TV Channel Food Network has also incorporated Whisk into its website.

You can download the app from both Apple and Android's app stores.