iPhone 12 launch OFFICIAL for October 13 – FOUR new iPhones coming

We're expecting the 5G iPhone 12 from Apple's "Hi, Speed" event, and possibly new audio products and Macs

Apple iPhone 12 event
(Image credit: Apple)

The next Apple event has been announced, where we're certain to see the iPhone 12 unveiled.

The Apple event will be on Tuesday October 13th at 10am PDT/1pm EDT/6pm BST, which is the same day as Amazon Prime Day (and all those great Prime Day deals).

Apple has confirmed once again that it will be available to watch online at Apple.com, and we fully expect it to be live on YouTube as well.

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The tagline for the event on Apple's invitation is "Hi, Speed", which likely refers to a combination of these being the first iPhones 5G, as well as to the power of the new A14 chip that will power the iPhone 12, which was also seen in the iPad Air (2020).

We've seen the first Apple A14 chip benchmarks leaking, and they're (no surprise) faster than anything else available in a phone.

It might also be a hint that we'll see Apple's first Macs powered by Apple's own chips at this event, since we're expecting those to be alarmingly powerful compared to equivalent Intel chips.

Most Apple-watchers have been anticipating a third event especially for the new Macs a little later, but it's certainly possible Apple will want to introduce all the new products based on this generation of processor together.

Current rumours say that we might see four new models of iPhone 12, in various sizes and with different features for different budget levels. Those would include a smaller 5.4-inch iPhone 12 'mini' – the iPhone 11 range is 5.8 inches at its smallest, so this would be welcome for the small of hand.

The iPhone is also said to have flatter sides, which wouldn't be too much of a surprise, given that's how the current iPad Pro and iPad Air are built. It would bring the iPhones back to a very iPhone 5-era look, for better and worse.

Will we see the new Touch ID power button that debuted on the MacBook Air in addition to Face ID? We wouldn't be surprised at all – in a world of masks, not relying on facial recognition would be sensible.

Other rumours for this Apple event include the possible appearance of more Apple headphones – maybe including next-gen AirPods, maybe including new over-ear headphones that are part of the AirPods range, and maybe including new multi-room speakers.

Reports say that Apple has stopped stocking various wireless speakers and over-ear headphones in its stores, so maybe that's because it's about to start pushing a whole new audio range, just in time to be your perfect Christmas gift

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