App week: Android movie rentals, Microsoft buys Skype

Plus: Stop motion app for iPhone and Twitpic annoys everyone

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


Android app news: Android Market movie rentals launched
Amazing news for Android fans in the States. They can now stream titles direct to their tablet or smartphone thanks to the launch of the new Android Market movie rentals store. All the top titles are there, priced the same as the iTunes Store and apps are coming to devices shortly. Lets have this in the UK asap please Google.

Twitter app news: Twitpic wants to sell your pictures
In the most controversial app story of the week, Twitpic has changed its terms and conditions so it can sell your pictures to make money for itself. Now, every time you upload a picture using Twitpic, you sign the picture over the company. That means if you get a pic of a celeb in a compromising position, Twitpic will make a few bob selling it on and you get diddly-squat.

iPhone app news: Stop-motion comes to the iPhone
In one of the neatest little app launches of recent times, Joby, the guys behind those funky GorillaPod tripods have released a stop-motion camera app to allow you to create video animations in the style of Wallace & Gromit. It's free and packed with a whole host of camera-enhancing features.

All-platform app news: Microsoft acquires Skype
After a blockbusting $8.5m sale to Microsoft, the mantra on every Skype user's lips has to be please don't mess this up. The brilliant VoIP app is now in the hands of the Big M and we're praying the company doesn't try and integrate Skype into Hotmail or something equally pointless.


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Android app review: Duck Hunt
There's nobody happier about the mobile gaming revolution than the retro games that have been gathering dust for a decade or two. Duck Hunt gets the dust brushed off in this Android redux. This unofficial iteration of the game is a worthy addition, but beware it may damage your memories of the original...

iPhone app review: EyeTV by Egalto
Slingbox has been allowing you to bring content from your set-top box to your handset for a while now, and this little app teams up with your Mac to do the same. By adding a TV tuner and Eglato's software you can now watch live TV on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Marvelous.

Android app review: 7ditial
Music download service 7digital recently underwent a massive Android app overhaul, turning it into a five star contender. You can now download songs directly to your Android device. The app, which also boasts a really tidy media player, is a welcome boost, while the UK waits patiently for Google Music to cross the pond.

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