Aorus gaming laptop arrives with 3K screen

Awesome X3 Plus gaming rig shown off at Computex

The days of sitting down at a gaming laptop with a paltry Full HD resolution appear to be nearing their end...

That's because Gigabyte has just unveiled a gaming laptop with a stonking 3K screen. Yup. That's right – its AORUS X3 Plus comes with a 3,200 x 1,800 pixel display in a 13.9-inch screen.

The super high resolution display is only available in the top end model, mind.

Gigabyte's gaming laptop looks the part too. It's pretty thin for a gaming laptop, at 22.9mm, but at 1.87kg, it isn't exactly light.

Packed into that frame though, you get a mousepad with a glass surface, backlit keyboard keys and five programmable keys on the far left of the laptop.

Specs-wise, it comes with Intel's latest fourth generation Core i7 chip, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M graphics card, up to 16GB RAM and a 1TB SSD card. It also comes with a MiniDisplay port that can output content at 4K – you know, if the screen itself isn't good enough.

Speaking of the screen, it does come at a price. According to Gigabyte, you can expect only three to four hours of battery life during full-bore gaming sessions.

If you're interested, the X3 Plus model will set you back $2,199 (£1,313). The cheaper X3 model will cost you $2,099 (£1,253), but will come with a (slightly) lower resolution 2,560x1440 display.

There's no word on UK specific pricing – according to Gigabyte, we should find out in a couple of weeks.