AMD's Polaris tech promises to revolutionise laptop gaming on the go

Power-sipping GPU lets you game in your bedroom and on the beaches

Sometimes you can feel a bit short-changed after buying a beefy gaming laptop. They might run the latest games, but their battery life is often shorter than a Champion Jockey.

AMD is looking to fix that with its new Polaris GPU tech. Unveiled at CES 2016, it apparently uses 61% less power than laptop graphics chips by its arch rival, Nvidia. (So you might get two hours instead of one, you lucky thing**.)

The figure above came from a demo staged by AMD which showed a laptop running Star Wars: Battlefront in 1080p, medium settings and 60fps. The Polaris GPU inside used 68W, compared to a GeForce GTX 950, which drew 140W.

AMD describes Polaris as a “generational jump” in terms of power efficiency. In terms of connectivity, it supports HDMI 2.0a, along with DisplayPort 1.3 and can also handle 4K h.265 encoding and decoding.

So, when can get your hands on a laptop featuring Polaris inside? AMD has set a rough timeframe of 'mid-2016', so devices might be out in time for you to play a bit of Dota 2 on your summer holidays.

**A joke, not a benchmark. Obviously.

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