Amazon reveals the most asked Alexa questions, and the UK didn’t disappoint

Alexa, what were your most asked questions of 2023?

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Alexa, what were your most asked questions of 2023? Amazon has just revealed the most asked questions that UK users asked Alexa this year. From celebrities' net worths to King Charles’ coronation, it turns out that Brits are still as curious and as polite as ever.

Alexa-enabled devices like the best smart speakers are quickly taking over the everyday household. Having a virtual assistant at hand makes setting timers, searching up recipes and checking the weather quicker and easier than, but surprisingly, those weren’t the most common questions that the UK asked Alexa this year.

Now, Amazon has collected and announced this year’s ‘Alexa’s Most Asked Questions’ that cover many trends, topics and events from 2023. Alexa’s UK and Ireland Country Manager, Meryem Tom has said that “Alexa’s Most Asked Questions provides another fascinating snapshot of how customers in the UK use Alexa to learn, get help with tasks or ask for some quickfire entertainment.”

So, what did the UK ask Alexa this year? The most asked questions surrounded 2023’s biggest events, including the King’s coronation and the Eurovision Song Contest. “Alexa, when is the King’s coronation” and “Alexa, sing the national anthem” were the most common Royal-related questions, and Alexa was often asked to sing happy birthday, and Eurovision songs.

As always, asking Alexa to play music was pretty common this year with Ed Sheeran winning the number one spot of most played artist via Alexa and Amazon Music. The UK also really loved Miley Cyrus, with Flowers becoming the most played song via Alexa in 2023.

With so many sporting events on in 2023, sport-related questions were shouted at Alexa constantly, from football and tennis fans alike. “Alexa, what’s the score?” was pretty common this year, as was asking Alexa to sing and support the World Cup with “Alexa, it’s coming home.” Football players’ heights, ages and net worths were also common questions fired at Alexa.

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After reading the list of Alexa’s most asked questions, I was more impressed by how many times UK customers thanked the voice assistant. The UK said “Alexa, thank you” tens of millions of times in 2023, confirming the stereotype that Brits are always polite. Alexa was often asked how she was and what her favourite things were, plus many users asked Alexa to do silly things like tell jokes and make fart noises (yes, really).

The biggest thing I’ve taken away from this list is that I’m not using Alexa to her full potential! I recently got an Echo Show and I can’t remember my life without Alexa (as lame as that is to say). Compared to these questions, my asking about the weather and when the sun sets are far too boring and I could be getting Alexa to do much more than I realised. Excuse me while I run home to shout “Alexa, rap about farts” at my smart display.

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