Early Amazon Prime Day deal saves you £100 on Eero mesh Wi-Fi whole-home system

Your Wi-Fi will never drop out again with this 3-pack mesh system – nearly half price in this Amazon Prime Day deal!

Amazon Prime Day eero deal
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Finally, we now know that the delayed Amazon Prime Day is now happening on October 13th and 14th 2020. However, not content with just teasing future deals, Amazon is starting its Prime Day deals immediately, including this superb offer on an Eero mesh Wi-Fi system that can cover the whole home.

The Eero 3-pack (meaning it comes with three separate Wi-Fi units for spreading the signal far and wide) is now just £149.40 for Prime members – a saving of £99.60!

Buy Eero mesh Wi-Fi System 3-pack for £249 now £149.40 at Amazon UK

We've all been on the business end of poor Wi-Fi signal. You've been engrossed in the latest prestige drama from Netflix or Amazon Prime, whether it's the political intrigue of The Crown or the grim superheroics of The Boys, when all of a sudden that dreaded "buffering" symbol breaks your immersion. Your Wi-Fi has dropped out. 

Fortunately, you may never have to experience this again. Mesh networks – placing several Wi-Fi devices in your home to to create one seamlessly Wi-Fi network larger than a single box can create – are designed to solve this exact problem. Eero is one of the best options, earning the full give stars in our Eero review!

Eero mesh Wi-Fi units are able to extend your signal by up to 140m, using TrueMesh software and regular updates to ensure your signal is not interrupted by congestion caused by other signals. it's a smart, convenient solution to your connection problems.

was £249.00 | now £149.40 at Amazon UK

Eero mesh Wi-Fi system 3-pack | was £249.00 | now £149.40 at Amazon UK
Save £99 on total home Wi-Fi coverage with this great deal from Amazon. A trio of Eero units can be placed around the home to cover a total of 460m squared, creating a true mesh network to ensure your signal is strong no matter where you go. Dual-channel coverage and speeds of up to 550Mbps are catered for. 

Like all Amazon Prime Day deals, these are exclusive to Amazon Prime members. If you don't have Amazon Prime and you want to grab these deals without paying for a full year, we've got a guide to signing up to Amazon Prime for free.

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