Best home gym equipment for runners: the Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill is a HIIT and cardio essential

The Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill is ideal for recovery, HIIT workouts and anything in-between

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Kettler Sport Arena, like all the best treadmills is a wonderful device. An essential part of any home workout, treadmills can make running training possible all year round, regardless of the weather. A good treadmill will also help you   lose weight fast, kickstarting your metabolism and strengthening your heart and lungs. Many modern treadmills are also quiet, unlike older running machines that did little to cushion your feet on the belt.

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The Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill is one of the best home gym products to buy if you're into running or weight loss. It is reasonably priced and due to some special features hardly ever found in other treadmills, it can be used for a range of purposes. 

Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill

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Why should you buy the Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill

The Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill has one of the slowest starting speeds (0.3 km/h) on the market, making it ideal for recovery as well as complete beginners. With this treadmill, you can gently ease yourself into running training without having to worry about the weather outdoors.

The fully shock absorbed deck will make running on the Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill even less demanding for your joints as well more pleasant for the downstairs neighbours. For added peace of mind, the Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill also comes with a 3-year parts and labour warranty including lifetime on the frame and motor.

• Buy the Kettler Sport Arena treadmill at John Lewis

On the other end of the intensity-spectrum, the Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill also offers seven HIIT (high intensity interval training) programs straight out of the box. HIIT training is an excellent way to lose weight and to maximise training efficiency, should you be pressed on time. HIIT workouts are made possible due to the high maximum speed (18 km/h) and the incline capabilities (up to 12%) of this treadmill.

The Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill supports Bluetooth connectivity so you can play music through the speakers of the running machine. Not only that but once paired, you can control the playback on the phone with the dedicated buttons on the console of the treadmill.

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As for specs, the Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill has a running surface of 149 x 47cm, which is not too wide but in return, it takes up less space in your home. To take up even less space when not is use, the running machine can be folded up and stored that way too.

Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill: top view of the console

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