How about a nice game of chess? Awesome games to play this weekend

Whether you're after action, stealth or hilarity allow us to make a few suggestions to fill your weekend.

You know what it's like, you look at your games collection and there is nothing there you want to play.

Sure, you may still be a long way from the end of The Witcher 3, but sometimes you need a break from the relentlessly grimy world of Geralt and the interminable games of Gwent.

So let's see if any of these float your gaming boat.

Quick, they're free!

If you're a PC gamer then chances are you've already got a pretty packed Steam library, but if that library is still missing either the latest XCOM game, Saints Row: The Third or Saints Row IV then now's your chance to give them a go.

Until 9pm on Sunday night you can download all three for free with completely unlimited access to the full game.

If you like what you see you can pick up the full XCOM pack, including DLC, for just a fiver, until September 14. You can also get the Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition for £4.99 until Monday too.

Stand back, we don't know how big this thing gets

If you're looking for an epic though Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will surely fill that hole.

Forget the convoluted plot involving a million Snake-y clones, The Ring-esque evil soldiers and Hideo Kojima player-trolling, the sprawling Afghanistan gameworld is a stealthy playground.

And you can attach balloons to stuff and watch them float away…

Check out what our buddies at Gamesradar+ have been up to on the retro-futuristic battleground.

So retro…

And speaking of retro why not take a trip back in time with the outstanding adventures of Manny Calavera?

The stunning Grim Fandango is a classic Lucasarts adventure and has had a makeover of late - the remastered version is well worth anyone's time.

If you just want a lazy afternoon of gaming relaxation and smartly-scripted amusement, give it a go. Even if you played it through way-back-when it's still worth a play on pretty much any platform.