Best wooden garden furniture 2020: relax in the garden

From swing chairs to outside bars, we’ve put together a list of the best wooden garden furniture so you can make the most out of your outside space

the best wooden garden furniture

Whether you’re lucky enough to own landscaped lawns, patios and decking areas or you take pride in your beautiful boutique courtyard garden, we’ve put together a list of the best wooden furniture for outside areas of all sizes.  

From luxury lounging furniture, like the John Lewis St Ives 4 Seater Garden Modular Lounging Tables / Chairs Set to furniture that’ll help you to throw the most awesome summer parties, like the really cool Garden Trading St Mawes Bar Table With Drinks Cooler, we’ve literally got something for everyone on our list of the best wooden garden furniture. 

It’s also handy to know that all of the furniture featured on our list is made from weather resistant wood, such as teak, acacia and eucalyptus, which means you’ll be able to keep it outside, no matter how wet the summer is. Just bear in mind that sheds, like the Rowlinson Bike Shed may need treating further down the line. 

John Lewis St Ives 4 Seater Garden Modular Lounging Tables / Chairs Set

1. John Lewis St Ives 4 Seater Garden Modular Lounging Tables / Chairs Set

Lounge with a book, enjoy a coffee or sip on a glass of wine, what you use this luxury garden furniture for is up to you

Type: Lounging
Material: Eucalyptus wood
Colour: Natural
Reasons to buy
+Includes a coffee table/footstool, two corner seats and two matching lounging chairs 

The light eucalyptus wood of this set looks naturally rustic and weather worn, making it a great character piece for any garden or decking area. Whether you’re putting your feet up with a book or using the footstool as a coffee table, this versatile set of furniture can be arranged to suit whichever purpose you want to use it for. Eucalyptus is naturally moisture resistant and durable, so you only need to remember to take in the cushions when the weather turns.  

Garden Trading St Mawes Bar Table With Drinks Cooler

2. Garden Trading St Mawes Bar Table With Drinks Cooler

What’s better than a garden high table? One with a drink’s cooler in the middle of it

Type: Bar table
Material: Teak
Colour: Natural
Reasons to buy
+Made from highly weather resistant teak 

If you buy this bar table with drinks cooler, you’re going to have to resolve yourself to the fact that it’ll be your place every comes to to socialise this summer. Strong, durable and rot resistant, teak is the best wood for garden furniture. It also ages very well, so your outside bar will only get more attractive as the years go buy. Accompanying the sturdy table and the wicker topped chairs is a central drinks cooler, so you can forget having to go the fridge every time you need another cold one.  

Rowlinson Dartmouth Arbour

3. Rowlinson Dartmouth Arbour

Create the perfect cosy corner with this Arbour Swing Seat

Type: Arbour
Material: Wood and metal
Colour: Natural
Reasons to buy
+Traditional design 

If you have the gardens to house it, this arbour won’t fail to impress. Pop it in a cosy corner or at the bottom of your garden as a retreat to get away from it all (the kids) or sit and wile away a couple of hours with a book and a cup of coffee. Thanks to the apex roof, it provides some well needed shade on hot days and you can choose to grow climbing plants through the trellis, which along its natural weathering will give it that charmed ‘claimed by nature’ look.  

La Redoute Interieurs Aurette Sun Lounger

4. La Redoute Interieurs Aurette Sun Lounger

Avoid the You’ve Been Framed sun lounger fold up scenario with this one from La Redoute

Type: Sun lounger
Material: Acacia wood and PVC coated polyester
Colour: Grey
Reasons to buy
+Fold away for easy storage 

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or enjoying the sunshine after work, with its four recliner positions you can catch forty winks or get back into your book. The acacia wood is resistant to dampness and insects, while the PVC coated polyester is water resistant so you can forget the horrible feeling of settling back into a damp cushion after a few laps of the pool. The chair folds up for easy storage, so make sure you pop it away when the bad weather sets in and give it a coat of oil before it comes out again for next summer to maintain its appearance. 

Barlow Tyrie Napoli Telescopic Rectangular Parasol

5. Barlow Tyrie Napoli Telescopic Rectangular Parasol

A parasol is a garden necessity, so make it a good one

Type: Parasol
Material: Eucalyptus wood and acrylic
Colour: Grey, cream and natural
Reasons to buy
+Comes with a storage cover to keep it clean 

There are so many flimsy parasols out there, ones where, with just one gust of wind, they’ve made a bid for freedom and you have to chase them down to the other end of the garden. This very elegant looking parasole from Barlow features a sturdy base that should anchor is firmly to the ground. The eucalyptus frame is hard wearing and durable while the acrylic umbrella is light and elegantly shaped and it comes with a storage cover to keep it protected while it’s in the shed for winter.  

Cox & Cox Palermo Dining Set

6. Cox & Cox Palermo Dining Set

Bring the mediterranean to your back garden with this dining set

Type: Dining set
Material: Acacia wood, faux wicker, glass
Colour: Grey, natural
Reasons to buy
+Acacia and fake wicker suitable for leaving outside all year round 

Stylish and practical, this dining set ticks plenty of boxes. Wooden dining sets can be large and bulky but this one manages to remain elegant and well proportioned, perfect for gardens of all sizes. It’s overall appearance has been inspired by the mediterranean al fresco lifestyle but the materials have been carefully chosen to withstand the classic British summer. The acacia frame is durable and weather resistant, while the fake wicker adds a touch of charm and character. 

Amazonas Globo Royal Garden Hanging Chair

7. Amazonas Globo Royal Garden Hanging Chair

The two of your can chill out on this spacious swing seat

Type: Hanging chair
Material: Spruce wood, stainless steel
Colour: Terracotta, Green, Anthracite, Taupe or Cream
Reasons to buy
+Six colours to choose from 

If you’re looking for something a little bit quirky and a little bit different, this hanging chair will certainly stand out. There’s enough space for two people to sit and relax or you can completely lounge out and swing yourself to sleep. If you like the idea of hanging the seat from the tree in your back garden you can, and if you don’t happen to have a suitable tree in your back garden you can use the unique stand. The chair comes with plush cushioning and is available in a range of colours to suit your individual taste.  

Rowlinson Bike Shed

8. Rowlinson Bike Shed

Stuff spilling out the garage? Buy a bike shed

Type: Bike shed
Material: Timber and felt
Colour: Honey Brown
Reasons to buy
+Space for two bikes plus garden tools 

If you’re fed up of battling with bikes and other bits and bobs to get your car out of the garage in the morning, the solution lies in this bike shed from Rowlinson. It’s made from a weatherproof wood and felt so your bikes will be protected from the elements. The shed also comes with a lock system, so you know they’ll be safe from potential lurkers. It features double doors for easy access and the Honey Brown finish means it’ll never look out of place.  

Garden Trading Log Store

9. Garden Trading Log Store

Season your wood with this log store

Type: Log store
Material: Spruce wood
Colour: Natural
Reasons to buy
+Robust and weatherproof 

If you’ve ever tried to burn unseasoned wood in your log burner, you’ll notice a sticky black tar on the glass. So whether you’re seasoning your own wood or storing the wood you ordered from a local company, this log store will keep them dry and ready to burn when the colder evenings set in. It’s stylish in appearance and is made from robust, weatherproof wood so it’ll last for years to come.