Best music apps

T3's pick of some of the best audio related apps.

As phones get more powerful so increases their abilities, in this case music. From identifying tracks to creating your own mixes - these apps have it covered.

Music is becoming increasingly popular in the app market, with more and more people wanting to stream music, play music games, or just find out what that catchy sounding tune was in the shop they just strolled by.

Here's our selection of five of the better music apps that are currently available on your phone.

Music recognition app with similarities to Shazam, a major difference though is that this app can recognise a song that is sang or hummed into it, as well as picking unknown tunes off the radio.
Format: iPhone, Android
Price: £3.10

WE7 Radio Plus
This app delivers an on-the-go radio service that can also be accessed offline. It can create up to 10 radio stations at any one time, depending on your selection of artist or genre, and can store up to 5 hours worth of offline music for each.
Format: Android
Price: Free

DJ Rivals
Continuing the resurgence of virtual DJ games is DJ Rivals, this app features the ability to find other players around you, and challenge them to battle.
Format: Android
Price: Free

Kling Klang Machine
Produced with help from electro kings Kraftwerk, this app allows users to mix, loop and add effects to sounds provided by the German dance legends, to create their won unique tracks.
Format: iPhone
Price: £5.50

Almost like a mobile Soundcloud, this app allows users to upload mp3's, create virtual mix tapes, and share them with other people who have the app. Ideal for people looking to discover or create music.
Format: iPhone
Price: Free