Best cycling jersey 2021 to ride in comfort throughout the year

The best cycling jerseys and cycling tops for men and women are engineered to keep you dry, comfortable and streamlined when riding in any weather

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person riding a gravel bike wearing full cycling gear, including a cycling jersey
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The best cycling jerseys are more than just thin cycling tops designed to rip cycling enthusiasts off. These tailored cycling garments have a range of convenience features that can help you ride the best road bike in more comfort all year round. 

These features include – but are not limited to – multiple pockets to store water bottles/snacks/keys, sweat-wicking fabric and reflective details for better visibility on the road and more. 

Modern cycling jerseys – much like the best bib shorts and best cycling shoes – are also designed to fit the torso like a glove made out of lycra, meaning its wearer positively slices through the air like a hot knife through butter, unlike if you tried the same stunt wearing a baggy T-shirt which would flap in the wind and cause all sorts of nipple issues.

Today's road cyclists, seemingly spurred on by the likes of Mark Cavendish and Chris Froome, also like to push themselves further and harder on two wheels, so they require fuel and supplies for these epic Sunday jaunts. In that respect, a good cycling jersey has you covered, as it should feature several handy and easy-to-reach pockets at the back for said accoutrements.

Make sure you're as visible as possible on the roads by using the best front bike lights and the best rear bike lights (you'll need both).

Bag the best deals on cycling jerseys this Black Friday

Check out the best Black Friday deals on cycling jerseys if you're looking to save money on your next purchase. Retailers like Amazon always have thousands of items with money off and the best cycling jerseys usually form part of the discount extravaganza. Lookout for those in-demand big brands such as Rapha, Gore Wear, Megmeister and Castelli, all of which will hopefully be discounted enough to allow you to expand your cycling kit wardrobe without breaking the bank.

The best cycling jerseys, in order of preference

Rapha Brevet Jersey on white backgroundT3 Best Buy Award badge

1. Rapha Brevet Jersey

One of the coolest brands in the world of road cycling

Best for: Hipster adventure rides
Material: 61% polyester 39% Merino Wool
Season: Spring/summer
Fit: Performance
Features: Three rear pockets, mesh lined cargo pocket, insulating properties
Reasons to buy
+Top quality+Great fit+Premium materials
Reasons to avoid
-A bit too hipster MAMIL for some

Slightly set aside from Rapha's typical high-performance range, the Brevet line-up focuses on longer, more adventurous rides with a range of comfortable jerseys that blend fabrics with multiple advantages.

The addition of Merino wool has been chosen for its natural wicking and antibacterial properties, along with its ability to both insulate against the cold and breathe in warmer conditions.

Plus, the Brevet jersey is designed with comfort as a top priority, meaning it has no awkward seams or zips that could chafe when the mileage starts to clock up.

Better still, the jersey’s fit is tailored enough for on-the-bike advantages but not too aggressive to make you stand out like a split sausage in a condom at café stops.

Luxury bike jerseys go head-to-head in our comparison article: Rapha Brevet vs Le Col Pro Jersey. ~Which will come out on top?

Gore Wear C7 Jersey on white backgroundT3 Approved badge

(Image credit: Gore Wear)

2. Gore Wear C7 Jersey

A lightweight cycling top for warm weather conditions

Best for: Warm weather rides
Material: [Main fabric] 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane [Sleeves] 100% Polyester
Season: Spring/summer
Fit: Comfort
Features: 3-compartment back pockets
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight+Zip pouch at the back+Silicone inserts on arm hem

The Gore Wear C7 Jersey is the ultimate good weather cycling jersey for people who appreciate craftsmanship and comfort above all. The jersey's front and back are made of a dense mesh fabric to protect you from the wind, while the sides – under the arm – have an open mesh construction for added breathability.

On the back, you'll also find the customary pouches for bottles and gels, but there is also a zip pocket if you need to make sure your phone and keys stay in place as you ride. The pockets have reinforced seams, so it is harder to rip them open – although you don't necessarily want to test it, just for the sake of it.

On the arm hem, the silicone lining holds the arms of the jersey in place as you ride: you could also say the arms won't ride up as you pedal (pun intended). Please do bear in mind, this is a warm-weather jersey, and as much as the Gore Wear C7 Jersey would protect you from the wind, it won't protect you from the cold. Just stating the obvious here.

Le Col Hors Categorie Jersey on white backgroundT3 Approved badge

(Image credit: Le Col)

3. Le Col Hors Categorie Jersey

A go-to-jersey for a range of rides and weather conditions

Best for: Changeable weather
Material: 81% Polyester, 19% Elastane
Season: Spring/Summer
Fit: Performance
Features: Giro Sleeves with silicone sleeve grippers, 3 rear pockets with concealed 4th waterproof pocket, reflective trim
Reasons to buy
+Understated styling+Suitable for dry and wet weather

Le Col's Hors Categorie jersey has been created from a technical fabric designed specifically for the wide-ranging temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere. As such, it offers high wicking and cooling properties in hot weather and provides insulation against the cold, making it a great spring/summer jersey.

Made in Italy, we particularly like this jersey's classic, understated styling, with its subtle gold detailing setting off the black really nicely. There's reflective trim, too, for enhanced visibility.

The jersey also features flat-locked seams, laser-cut shoulder grippers, a lock-down zip puller with a chin guard, three rear pockets with concealed fourth waterproof pocket, and a silicone hem around the waist.

Megmeister Woven Jersey on white backgroundT3 Approved badge

(Image credit: Megmeister)

4. Megmeister Woven Zig Zag Jersey

Say goodbye to lycra and hello to woven cycling tops

Best for: Moderate temperature rides
Season: Spring/Autumn
Material: 64% PA, 31% PES, 5%EA
Features: Temperature regulation, back pockets, zipped pockets
Reasons to buy
+Great fit+More sustainable than regular jerseys+Temperature control properties
Reasons to avoid
-Feels heavier than polyester jerseys

Donning the Megmeister Woven Zig Zag Jersey for a morning was an interesting experience. The jersey felt heavier than a regular lycra cycling top, but maybe the relatively less flexible material gave me that impression. Don't get me wrong, the Megmeister Woven Zig Zag Jersey is not rigid, but the yarns have a bit of a hold, making the top feel more premium since there is a bit of weight to it.

The woven nature of this jersey is definitely the main feature: the structure provides a closer fit, helps moisture management and looks darn good. Unlike lycra jerseys that give riders the unflattering MAMIL-look, the Megmeister Woven Zig Zag Jersey sits close to the skin on every body type. The natural material expands to react to changes in the body shape when you change riding position.

The yarns are partially made of regenerated polyester instead of the 'virgin' variety, reducing landfill waste during jersey production. However, this eco-friendliness doesn't come at the expense of performance since the Megmeister Woven Zig Zag Jersey's won't flap around your body as you ride and create drag. No, this jersey will help you go faster and look cool at the same time without the feeling of guilt for being non-eco-friendly.

The Megmeister Woven Zig Zag Jersey have some features for more comfortable riders, too: silicone waist grippers keep the jersey down as you lean forward, and there are also pockets for drinks, gels, or anything else you might want to take with you for a ride. There is even a small zipped pocket for things you definitely don't want to lose.

Castelli Trasparente V Jersey on white backgroundT3 Approved badge

(Image credit: Castelli)

5. Castelli Trasparente V Jersey

Race-ready jersey for the colder – but not too cold – months

Best for: The sensible rider
Material: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
Season: Between 10-18 degrees Celsius
Features: windproof, waterproof, highly breathable, reflective panels, three rear pockets
Reasons to buy
+Windproof, waterproof and highly breathable fabric+Reflective panels
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive-Tighter fit

The Trasparente V Jersey is a thermal cycling jersey. By featuring the Polartec NeoShell technology at the front of the jersey, Castelli made it so you can ride in conditions that would normally call for an extra vest layer or even reaching for a light winter jacket.

The Castelli Trasparente V Jersey is water and windproof, and the 4-way stretch provides a snug and comfortable fit for performance bikers. The fabric at the back is the Nano Flex Xtra Dry, which has warmth and water repellency.

Functional details have also been considered: front and rear reflective panels, three rear pockets that make space for essentials, and a zippered chest pocket, so you don't have to tuck your money and keys in your socks when you're out and about.

Sportful Fiandre Light NoRain Short Sleeve Jersey on white backgroundT3 Approved badge

6. Sportful Fiandre Light NoRain Short Sleeve Jersey

Windproof, weatherproof, and an all-round wonderful buy for chilly rides

Best for: Wind and light rain protection
Material: Windshield 3L stretch windproof fabric
Season: Autumn-winter
Fit: Ergonomic (race)
Features: Rear NoRain light fabric, front Windshield 3L windproof fabric
Reasons to buy
+Cut for chilly weather+Weatherproof fabric
Reasons to avoid
-No pockets

The cold weather-friendly shape and high-tech construction of this Sportful top come together to make it a great ally against chilly winds and light rain and our overall best jersey for cycling. The longer-than-average arms hit just above the elbow to cover without restricting, and the high neck and extra reinforcement around the shoulders and upper arms are designed to keep biting breezes at bay. 

Reviewers commented on the impressive waterproofing, saying that lighter rain beads and runs off were chuffed with its great value weatherproof performance. The only downside is the lack of pockets, so if you’re on a long ride with lots of kits, consider layering up with a lighter pocketed jersey underneath.

dhb Classic Womens Long Sleeve Jersey on white backgroundT3 Approved badge

(Image credit: dhb)

7. dhb Classic Womens Long Sleeve Jersey

A straightforward winter jersey

Best for:
Material: 100% polyester
Season: Winter
Fit: Performance
Features: fast wicking fabric, silicone gripper on hem, reflective detailing
Reasons to buy
+Reasonable price+Ideal choice in cold weather+Gets the basics right...
Reasons to avoid
-...but offers not much else

The dhb Classic Long Sleeve Jersey has been designed to keep you on the road as temperatures drop. Using a breathable, wicking polyester fabric, a warm microclimate is created. The fleece traps warm air while perspiration is transported away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable.

If you find yourself too warm during harder efforts, you have the full-length front zip to expel warm air and allow for extra air circulation. An internal silicone gripper holds the hem in place when in your riding position and seals the jersey effectively, keeping warm air in and cold air out.

The dhb Classic Long Sleeve Jersey is a performance fit garment. To keep you on the road for longer, at the back, you'll find 3 vertical pockets - keeping all your ride essentials easy to hand - plus a secure zipped pocket for your valuables.

person riding a bike wearing a purple Rapha cycling jersey

(Image credit: Rapha)

How to choose the best cycling jersey for you

Zips can become deeply unpleasant torturers of your Adam's apple over long rides, so look out for jerseys with 'zip garages' (yes, really) if you put in big mileage. These are fabric flaps that cover the zip when it's done up.

Most jerseys have pockets at the back, but make sure they're the right size to hold whatever you habitually carry when riding without breaking for freedom at every bump in the road, but loose enough to retrieve items on the move easily.

All of our picks will keep you mobile and flexible, as well as cool and sweat-free on warm days and protected against the most biting winds on colder ones. Still, if you’re looking to keep cycling into the colder months, then it may be worth investing in a long-sleeved jersey or one with extra wind-proofing and thermal properties — we’ve listed the seasons to which each jersey is best suited.

Finally, we’ve described the fit so you can find one that’ll both flatter your body and work around your workout.

While you don’t want something that’ll flap around you dramatically in the wind like Batman on a Boris Bike, buying a cycling jersey needn’t mean donning something that’ll slowly crush your internal organs.

If you’re serious about cycling, a super close-fitting race fit jersey will suit, keeping you lean and aerodynamic with no excess material to slow you down. If you take things a bit more casually or have the habit of stopping for cake after a long ride, a more relaxed performance fit cycling jersey will do the job nicely.

Here is our pick of the best cycling jerseys available today.

What is the best brand of cycling jersey?

The best cycling jersey brands include Rapha, Le Col, Shimano and Castelli, among others. Some in-house brands, such as dhb by Wiggle, also produce decent cycling apparel, although you might want to look at the more 'premium' offerings from these if you need a garment that'll last.

We compared to lightweight bike jerseys to see which one is best and the results are in: Pearl Izumi Pro Air vs Shimano Evolve Jersey.