Xbox SmartGlass for Android released

New app for controlling your console hits Android early

Microsoft has unleashed its much-anticipated Xbox SmartGlass Android app ahead of schedule, with Google phone owners able to snag the console-controlling extra now from the Google Play Store.

Downloading the app means you can control your Xbox with a swipe of your Android phone’s screen. It makes browsing the web a breeze on your TV and means tapping in text doesn’t require a hulking QWERTY controller or impressive dexterity to flick through the keyboard to enter text.

There’s also access to exclusive content via the app, meaning extra games and video goodies for those who download the app.

Xbox SmartGlass is already out on Microsoft’s own Windows 8 platform, with the Redmond company also promising an iOS version is also in the pipeline. However, it seems with this release that Ballmer and co have far more love for Google than Apple right now.

Via Electronista