Xbox Live Rewards goes live

Loyalty scheme up and running on Xbox 360

Get extra MS points for renewing memberships and taking surveys.

Microsoft has come over all official with its Xbox Live Rewards scheme here in Blighty. The new offering, trialled last year, offers gamers the chance to get free MS points whenever they renew memberships, make certain purchases or take surveys.

The prizes rang from 40 MS points for renewing a one month Xbox Live Gold package to 400 MS points for renewing a family gold pack. What’s more, you get 100 points when you hit buy for the first time on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Taking surveys also gets you more virtual cash to spend on whatever takes your fancy. Plus Microsoft is teasing ‘cool prizes’ when you take part in any promotions.

You can get involved with Xbox Live Rewards now. Let us know your take on it on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Joystiq