Xbox 360 Slim breaks sales records in opening weekend

Xbox 360 S proves most popular "revised" console ever

And the award for most popular "revised" console goes to.... Xbox 360 Slim

Microsoft’s new slimmed down Xbox 360 Slim has broken records following its release last Friday, July 16th making it the most successful launch for a “revised” console according to figures compiled by Chart-Track.

Although Chart-Track is yet to unveil the precise number of units sold of the lightweight Xbox, the company has assured the number surpasses those recorded for the opening sales of the PlatStation 2 Slim and PS3 Slim consoles.

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Following its release in the US after its E3 unveiling last month, stats from VGChartz predict the 360 Slim sold in excess of 250,000 units. Initial UK sales figures for the console suggest it equaled figures from the 360’s original launch back in 2005.

Not just a compact version of the previous console, the 360 Slim adds a couple of new strings to Xbox’s bow. Joining the glossy black finish of the whisper quiet new machine is a 250GB hard drive, in-built 802.11 Wi-Fi and a special port for Microsoft’s upcoming motion-control peripheral, Microsoft Kinect.

With a UK retail price of just £199, it clear to see why the latest Xbox incarnation has broken records and, as we reported earlier, sold out within a matter of days.

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