Xbox 360 games heading to Windows 8?

PCs set to get Xbox 360 compatibility next year

Big M's plans could give ageing console new lease of life.

Xbox 360 games look set to play nice on Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system, due out next year. This startling rumour has emerged from gaming site Teknylate and follows similar gossip which emerged before the OS’s official reveal last month.

Word is that Xbox 360 titles will work on PCs with no hassle. It’ll just be a case of popping in the disc. The same report claims Ballmer and co are plotting a special, Xbox Live-like service for PC players too.

This could obviously undermine Xbox 360 sales, but insiders reckon this is the latest move to ensure titles for the console continue to sell even as the company looks towards the release of the Xbox 720, potentially at next year’s E3.

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Source: T3 Video