Windows Phone: Xbox Companion app coming Tuesday

Control your Xbox 360 with your Windows Phone handset

The Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone allows users to control the console with their smartphone, perform Bing searches and view them on TV, while also viewing supplementary content on the device

As well as launching a new and improved Xbox 360 Dashboard UI on Tuesday, Microsoft will also release the long-awaited Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone.

The app acts as a remote control for your console and allows you to cast aside the traditional Xbox controller and select, play, pause and rewind everything that's happening on your console.

The free Xbox Companion also gives you the opportunity to search the console and purchase media content as well as use your TV to view Bing searches conducted on the handset.

Another key feature involves using your Windows Phone to view supplementary content as the album you're listening to, movie you're watching or video game you're playing is happening on the console.

The Xbox Dashboard update, scheduled to launch tomorrow and continue updating throughout December, will bring a massive array of media portals as Microsoft seeks to make its games console a primary means of viewing content through your TV. BBC, Channel 4 and Five, among others, are bringing their on-demand content to Xbox LIVE.

Link: Microsoft (via Gizmodo)