Wii U update crash causes bricking?

Bricking reported if console loses power during update

Nintendo's new Wii U console has arrived to mostly positive reviews, of course a big console launch wouldn't be complete without some teething problems

New Nintendo Wii U owners have reported an error when installing the update on their consoles. If the Wii U is interrupted during installation it can “brick” the console making it completely unusable.

The update is around 5GB in size and while it can take up to an hour to install, allows the system to go online. Nintendo released the enormous patch on day one of the launch and without it users can only play games.

Wii U owners are urged to take care when installing the update. Although you cannot avoid power failure, unplugging the system can and should be avoided. There has, as yet, been no word from Nintendo over the issue.

The Wii U is Nintendo's first console since the Wii and provides a completely new solution to gaming in a family environment. By providing the touchscreen Gamepad users can go from gaming on the big screen to using the screen on the Gamepad without losing their place.

Source: The Verge