Weird News: The year in tech's strangest happenings

Facebook boobs end earthquakes and Jobs outside

The year in Weird News

2010 has been a wild a turbulent year in the world of tech with many great gadgets landing, 3D tech taking to the mainstream and tablet computers finding a strong second wind spearheaded by Apple’s dominant iPad.

Away from the tech successes and groundbreaking new releases the year has been littered by the weird and wonderful stories that keep this industry from stagnating. As we now draw close on the year, we take a look back at the strange gadget goings on of the past 12 months.

Steve Jobs spotted in the wild:
Apple’s CEO and bringer of the year’s must have gadget, Steve Jobs has been spotted out in public. It’s almost as weird as when you used to see your teachers in nightclubs, isn’t it? Stranger still: he‘s been photographed wearing that same outfit he always makes his announcements in, fuelling rumours that he is in fact a cartoon character, and is painted into his clothes. Steve: Blue jeans of that hue are pretty nineties. Oh, and yes: this does qualify as news.

Time Traveller found in Black and White film:
A member of the public identified what looks like a woman on a mobile phone in footage from a Charlie Chaplin film. Could this be evidence of time travel, or just an example of crazy people talking to their hands? You decide

Mysterious Amazon package not so mysterious:
It’s a simple story, this one: Man finds package on his own doorstep, man worries it’s a bomb, man calls police, policeman spots Amazon logo on package, man concedes to shopping on Amazon. It’s a parable of the modern day that further shows our species to be too stupid to deserve planetary supremacy.

Facebook group to prove Boobs don't cause earthquakes:
An Iranian cleric bizarrely claimed that women in sexy clothes cause earthquakes. The logical response? Thousands of ladies in Facebook's 'Boobquake' campaign will show off their assets this Monday to prove him wrong.

Worldwide nerdgasms as lightsabers become reality:
Anyone who isn’t absurdly excited by the prospect of a real life lightsaber probably has no soul. Hold your horses though, as one swift swipe of this badboy will probably leave you with no skin and no eyes. Rad-iculous

Check back to every week in 2011 for a bevy of new and truly absurd weird news.