Weird news: Bendable bikes and a carbon fibre toilet

The more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

Plus: Musical showers and Yoda's wise directions

Calls made by nature have just gotten more interesting...
... with the first carbon-fiber toilet and bidet! Alberto Del Biond, an Italian designer, who says the toilet's design makes the seat invisible (and here we thought it was important for the seat to be seen clearly) and that the toilet and bidet is accompanied by a 'courtesy light'. Ah yes, the light will guide us through the experience...

"The Dark Side on the left will be"
Users of the TomTom navigation system devices can now hear wise old Yoda giving them directions. “With incredible Jedi powers, Yoda is the ideal voice to guide Star Wars fans on their journeys,” says Alain Pakiry, Senior Vice President for Marketing at TomTom. Guide you to your destinations, Yoda will. Off to buy a TomTom, we are. Getting tired of talking this way, you are?

Drunk nights will never be the same again
You think you've seen all the weird apps there are...but you think wrong. The iDrunky app has arrived! Its iTunes page describes it as a 'series of fun sobriety tests' which include tapping the screen when dots appear and touching the screen of the phone to your nose when leaning back. A hit on the wild nights out? Let us know if you take the test...

Holy bendable bikes, Batman!

A weird yet useful invention that could hopefully see the light of day: 21-year-old Kevin Scott designed a bendable bicycle that can be wrapped around itself which does away the need for locking it up. Currently only on exhibition, we're hoping some investors empty their wallets to help us all have bendy bikes.

Sextris: Video games on a whole new level

We knew the video game industry was booming, but this is a bit bizarre. Designers Ben Roach and Julia Marsh have designed colourful packaging based on video games...with condoms inside. The packets which proclaim things like: "Tingle: Bone Zone" and "X Safe: Sextris" certainly live up to the designers' ideas of the concept being "fun". If you do use them though...give us a shout.

It's raining music and burgers
Burger King's 32nd branch in Japan has opened up and people wanting more than just burgers (fries, anyone?) can plug in their iPods into special docks connected to specific booths. These booths have what looks like umbrellas hanging above them. Those umbrella-contraptions are speakers which play the music from your connected iPod. Musical burgers all the way.

Try jeans, get smartphones
In one of the oddest back-to-school promotions ever, American Eagle in the US is giving out smartphones for free to anyone who tries jeans in their stores. You don't even have to buy the jeans to get the smartphone! Which smartphones are being handed out like candy are not known, but we're cynical enough to think it's not the latest and top-end one that will grace teenager's hands.

Bottoms up everyone!

Engineers have worked hard, oh-so-hard, to reprogramme a robot to perform a menial task. Which one? Getting you beer from the fridge. Just sit, relax and the robot does all the work. Except the drinking. That one's on you.

The next time a woman tells you that you don't understand how she feels...
...whip out the pet project of Hiromi Ozaki, Royal College of Art student. The mind-warping device is meant to be strapped on to a man who will then experience "the pain and bleeding of the average 5 day menstruation process". Or we could just torture ourselves listening to Justin Bieber. You pick.