WarGames: 1983 hackers movie to get remake

Who's for another round of Global Thermonuclear war?

Recent wave of digital attacks paves way for remake of the iconic hacker movie.

The iconic hacking movie WarGames is getting a modern reinterpretation, according to a report from Deadline.com.

The original film starred Matthew Broderick as a high school hacker genius who breaks into a secret government computer to play a few rounds of what he believes to be a new game called Global Thermonuclear War - without realising the computer in question belongs to the US military and all across the country actual missiles are pointing themselves towards Russia. Scoff you might at the havoc Broderick manages to wreak on his black and white 80's computer, but if nothing else it puts Lulzsec and the PSN outage into a bit of perspective.

The remake is reportedly being directed by Freakonomics movie director Seth Gordon, who it's said has been given creative control to take the reboot in a new direction and bring it up to speed for the current computing generation. There's no word on a release date as yet.

WarGames 1983 trailer

Via: Deadline.com