Vodafone iPhone 4 PAYG deals halted by stock shortages

Free data offerings prove too popular for available stocks

Vodafone sales out of iPhone 4 handsets ahead of PAYG deals

Following on from its announcement yesterday stating it is set to host the Apple iPhone 4 on a pay-as-you-go basis, UK mobile network provider Vodafone has today revealed that it has run out of stocks of the latest Apple handset.

Tempted in by Vodafone’s no minimum top-up, free monthly data PAYG offerings, customers keen to get their hands on a contract-free iPhone 4 have reportedly run Vodafone’s online store dry with no date set for the “more are on the way” stock that Vodafone is promising.

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With a PAYG 16GB iPhone 4 set to cost users £480 on Vodafone and the 32GB edition landing at £570, a £19 and £29 saving respectively on Apple’s SIM-free offerings, it certainly isn’t the handset’s prices that have drawn hoards of customers to Vodafone’s new PAYG deals.

However, these new PAYG deals, which are available until November, have proven too popular for Vodafone's limited stock as they come with free monthly data allowances even if users have not topped-up within the past month. With 250GB of free 3G data and 1GB of access to BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots, the new PAYG plans represent a good deal for the otherwise pricey iPhone 4. With Vodafone offering no details on the arrival of the repeatedly delayed white iPhone, the PAYG terms will remain, for the foreseeable future at least, exclusive to the standard, black handsets.

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