Toshiba AC100 Android MID unveiled

Just don't call it a netbook, ok?

Toshiba's first Android device touts epic battery and neat custom skills.

Toshiba’s been threatening to get on the Android bandwagon for well over a year. But its first effort to rock Google’s OS isn’t a blower, but an MID that looks suspiciously like an Android netbook.

Dubbed the Toshiba AC100, it’s certainly one for those who fancy the portability of a small time laptop without the full on powers of Windows 7. That said, it’s still specced up impressively, with Android 2.1 and the super speedy NVIDIA Tegra processor working overtime under the hood.

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Rocking a 10.1-inch screen, the AC100 has all the looks of a netbook, although when we spoke with Toshiba, it was keen to stress it’s not. It’s just 14mm thin at the front, rising to a not-exactly-portly 21mm at the back.

Android has been tickled to give a pre-configured home screen, which includes social network feeds, getting you real time status updates from Facebook and Twitter, just like HTC Sense.

There’s a ‘Documents to Go’ feature for editing spreadsheets and word docs, as well as full email client support and Opera Mobile for web browsing. Round the side you’ll find a USB port, card reader and mini USB plug, as well as 1.3MP camera up top. What’s more the battery lasts for up to eight hours a time.

There’s only 8GB of storage, but seeing as you can use SD cards to boost it, that’s not too much of an issue. The AC100 is going back to what original netbooks were all about: being funky, basic and keeping things simple. It’s coming in August with prices yet to be firmed up.