THQ's uDraw artist's tablet coming to PS3 and Xbox

Follow up to Wii artist's tablet launching at E3

Updated artist's tablet comes to PS3 and Xbox for E3.

Despite the hordes of screaming pubescent suggestions to contrary clogging up our Xbox LIVE lobbies, THQ reckons that somewhere in the shrieking throng of Xbox and PS3 gamers there are to be found sensitive souls more inclined to pick up a paintbrush than an assault rifle - if only someone would build them the appropriate accessory. Step up to the plate, the THQ uDraw GameTablet.

The uDraw GameTablet is the big brother of the original uDraw released last year for the Nintendo Wii. Updated for HD consoles, the new graphic tablet - a flat, touchpad-like drawing space with an attached digital stylus - is more sensitive, packs multi-touch and pinch-to-zoom, and features a tilt-sensor, possibly for drawing at an angle, but more likely for some kind of unannounced Sixaxis-esque gaming function.

The new uDraw tablet also comes packaged with a copy of uDraw Studio: Instant Artist, which aside from letting gamers channel their Black Ops rage into fine digital art will also come with drawing and painting tutorials for novice artistes. Also planned are a number of family friendly-sounding titles including SpongeBob Squigglepants, Kung Fu Panda 2, Pictionary and Gears of War (not really).

The uDraw GameTablet is set for launch at E3 in the coming week, and will be available to would-be Picassos world wide in time for Christmas.

Via: Joystiq