The Beatles dominate iTunes charts in opening 24 hours

All 17 albums feature in charts as Fab Four go digital

Apple iTunes Beatles announcement sees Fab Four in the charts

The Beatles have stormed the iTunes download charts landing 54 songs in the iTunes top 200 just 24 hours after being made available in digital form for the first time by Apple.

With Apple announcing on Tuesday that the full Beatles back catalogue would finally be made available on iTunes following a decade long dispute with record label EMI, the Fab Four have landed all 17 of their albums in the top 55 with Hey Jude proving the most popular of the band’s songs to download.

Although many expected The Beatles to close out the top ten, such lofty predictions appear to have fallen by the wayside as Hey Jude topped The Beatles’ collection at number 28 in the charts, joined in the top 50 by Twist and Shout, Here Comes the Sun and Let it be. It would appear that despite this new easy access to Beatles tunes, fans of the most influential band in history already own the CDs and the era merging music is not only bigger than Jesus but bigger than Apple and the digital age.

The Beatles’ albums have faired better in terms of chart positions with Abbey Road landing at number five, followed by the White Album, Sgt. Pepper and the Blue Album in eighth, ninth and tenth positions respectively.

Is The Beatles’ arrival on iTunes worth all the hype or is the announcement as dated as their pudding bowl hairdos? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: Telegraph