Tesco adds barcode scanner to grocery shopping app

Using your last tin of beans? Scan to add to your list

Never forget to buy milk again.

Tesco has today added a barcode scanner to its iPhone app, enabling users to add items to their shopping list on the go.

The idea is that when you get down to the last bowl of Corn Flakes in the box, you can just scan the packaging and instantly re-add it to your next shop. Or if you're over at a mates and he busts out a new seasonal ale you can do likewise.

You can then order the goods online or add it to a traditional shopping list for when you're scanning the shelves at a Tesco store. Let's face it, we all get distracted by the chocolate and ice cream isles while wondering around the supermarket so this app is bound to come in handy.

Tesco is the first supermarket to add this functionality to its mobile app, and it comes just six weeks after the free Tesco Grocery application launched on the iPhone. Amazon.com also added the feature to its app a couple of weeks ago.

Link: Tesco Grocery for iPhone