Tech Week: Dell Streak tablet launch and PSP-4000 screen

Plus: Apple iPhone 4 video and Steve Jobs talks Flash

It's been another busy and exciting week in tech land - here's a roundup of the week's top action:

News of the Week

The weeks top product launch must go to the Dell Streak. Launching on Friday, the Dell Streak tablet fills the void between conventional smartphones and standard tablets. The 5-inch device combines the best of both allowing users to make calls and access a host of entertainment tools.

Apple has been busy over the past week with head honcho Steve Jobs giving a talk earlier in the week in which he discussed Flash, iPads, Google TV and the expectedly upcoming iPhone 4. Elsewhere the iPhone 4 has been rearing its head early again, this time videos of the handsets frame have emerged in Portugal.

The best product announcement we have spotted this week is that of Nokia’s first ever dual-SIM devices, the Nokia C1 and Nokia C2 which are not only budget handsets but which are set to help the developing world.

Rumours give us exciting pre-sights into upcoming products and this week, rumour top-spot goes to the possible sliding front-screen on the PSP-4000. An exciting prospect if it turns into reality.

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Reviews of the Week

The Apple iPad is the most high profile gadget around and so it is no surprise that our top review of the week is that of the Apple iPad Wi-Fi and 3G. Following the tablet’s launch last Friday, 28th May, we have given the 3G model a thorough testing to let you know exactly what we thing of the ‘must-have’ device.

With tablets being big news, our other top review from the past seven days is for the Dell Streak Tablet. We got our hands on the Streak before their release on Friday and here is what we thought with a nice little video to boot.

Although not a new review, you have been sourcing out our review of the HTC Desire in your thousands recently so we decided to give you what you want a let you take another look.

Features of the Week

Got yourself an iPad since it launched last Friday? Then you need to check out our feature on the 10 things to do with the iPad right away. From personalising your homepage to bookmarking your very favourite T3 website, we cover all the essentials.

Just can’t wait until Monday to find out what the iPhone 4 has to offer then take a look at our iPhone 4: What’s in store feature to scratch that curiosity itch. We even made it rhyme for you, lovely.

Coming next week - Live coverage of the Apple iPhone 4 launch at WWDC