Tech Today: Galaxy Nexus outperforms Apple iPhone 4S

Plus: Blue Wii for £60, PlayBook price cut yet again

New benchmarks have shown the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is faster than the iPhone 4S, while read on to hear about some serious tech bargains. It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Galaxy Nexus 'outperforms' iPhone 4S
Following a set of benchmark tests, the brand new Android Ice Cream Sandwich-toting Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been found to be a better performer than Apple's iPhone 4S. The team at AnandTech performed a range of different tests and found that, overall, the new Google-phone was slightly faster than Apple's latest effort.
Link: Gizmodo

Wal-Mart flogging blue Wii for lowest price ever on Black Friday
US Super-chain Wal-Mart is offering a limited edition blue Nintendo Wii console for a measly $99... that's about £60. The sale takes place on the biggest shopping day on the American calendar, Black Friday, where retailers traditionally offer super-deals to kick-start the festive season. UK buyers should be able to feel some of the love by shopping online.
Link: Enadget

Pakistan outlaws flatulence
The Pakistani telecoms governing body has released a list of rude words that are no longer allowed to be used in text messages. Among the list of over a thousands words and phrases that will be banned are flatulence, fondle and the phrase 'flogging the dolphin'. Mobile phone companies have been ordered to stop the delivery of offending messages.
Link: Guardian

PlayStation Home adds Crackle support
PS3 users can now access the free movie and TV streaming platform, Crackle, from the Home section of their console. Also users will now be able to partake in public viewing parties will up to 11 of your avatars or you can join existing parties with up to 60. The 'digital group hangout' concept will be built upon in the new year when Sony adds UStream RadioIO.
Link: PC Magazine

PlayBook now on a price par with Kindle Fire
The first aftershocks following the Amazon Kindle Fire launch are beginning to be felt after Best Buy dropped the price of the struggling BlackBerry PlayBook to just $199. The PlayBook, which boasts a similar design to the new Kindle Fire, has struggled to catch on since its launch this spring. Are we about to see a wholesale spree of price-cuts in order to match Amazon's offering?
Link: SlashGear