Tech Today: Apple plans New York event, Murdoch joins Twitter

Plus: Steve Jobs action figure launched, adapter brings Megadrive/SNES games to PC

In Monday's late-breaking tech news we learned that Apple is planning a media-related event before the end of the month, while Steve Jobs has been immortalised with a life-like action figure

Apple planning New York event
Apple will hold a 'media-related' event in New York before the end of the month, according to the AllThingsD blog. The announcement is likely to surround advertising or publishing rather than see a new product like the iPad 3 or Apple iTV.
Link: AllThingsD

Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter
News Corporation's last experiment with social networking - its £330m MySpace buyout - didn't go so well, but CEO Rupert Murdoch is having another crack on a smaller scale by signing up for his own Twitter account. The @rupertmurdoch account has been verified by Twitter and has so far attracted 55,000 followers. Former Deputy PM John Prescott quipped: "I've left you a Happy New Year message on my voicemail." Wayhey!
Link: TechRadar

Downloads up, but albums sales down
Digital music downloads went up again in 2011, but couldn't halt a general slide in album sales. Over the last 12 months digital album sales went up 24 per cent, while physical CD sales dropped by 13 per cent. The result was an overall 6 per cent slide in album sales. Illegal downloading and streaming through the likes of and Spotify have been cited.
Link: BBC News

Adapter allows Megadrive and SNES games to be played on your PC
If you're like us you never quite had the heart to sell those old SNES and Megadrive cartridges to GAME for 50p a pop and now your nostalgia can be rewarded with a new adapter that allows you to plug-in-and-play those old games through your PC. The Retroade 2 has slots for two cartridges (one from each format) and both controllers. Perfect if your old console conked out on you too.
Link: Engadget

Lifelike Steve Jobs action figure launched
Sadly Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, may no longer be with us, but this scale replica action figure almost had us fooled. This 1:6, 12-inch, poseable figure comes complete with Steve's trademark black turtleneck and jeans, but sadly the iPhone and iPad mini replicas are not included. The £60 figure is set to go on sale in February, but don't bet against Apple's legal team getting involved.
Link: CourierMail