T3 Readers: Microsoft Kinect better than PlayStation Move

Poll reveals Kinect wins battle of motion-control machines

Microsoft leading the motion-control charge...

Last week, as Microsoft and Sony joined Nintendo in the motion-control gaming battle at the E3 gaming expo, we asked you to tell us which of the three options is better: Kinect, Move or Wii.

Even though most of you won't have had a chance to play with Kinect or Move, there's been enough info out there to get you in the mood for some motion-control mayhem.

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The winner, with a huge 44% of the vote, is the Microsoft Kinect. The Xbox 360 add-on, with its promises of arm-waving lightsaber action, living-room football and Indiana-esque adventure antics was the one you’re most keen on.

Sony PlayStation Move was only a whisker behind though, claiming 42% of the vote. The offer of a mo-cap Tiger Woods 11, alongside Move-compatible Resident Evil 5 and Singstar titles, was clearly enough to whet your gaming appetite.

Lagging behind and showing signs of old age was the Nintendo Wii, which could only muster 14% of the vote. Despite being a phenomenal success since its launch in 2006, the two whippersnappers from Microsoft and Sony look set to steal the show.

So there you have it. Microsoft Kinect is the early winner in the battle of the motion-control machines, with Sony PlayStation Move just behind. Move arrives on September 15, with Kinect following in November. Get ready for this battle to become a full-blown war.

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