Sony PSPgo pulled as focus shifts to upcoming Sony NGP

Next-Generation Portable spells end for PSPgo

Sony end production of the PSPgo ahead of NGP arrival

The Japanese arm of Sony Computer Entertainment is reported to have officially confirmed it is to cease production of the Sony PSPgo as focus shifts to the upcoming launch of the Next-Generation Portable (NGP).

Confirming the spate of rumours that circulated yesterday regarding the end of the PSPgo’s life span, Sony reportedly informed Japanese website AV Watch that units of the UMD-less PSP first launched in 2009 will no longer be manufactured “in order to concentrate on the NGP.”

All remaining PSPgo consoles are expected to be distributed and sold through retailers until stocks of the portable gaming device are exhausted with content for existing units likely to be supported for the foreseeable future much in the same way Sony continue to produce PS2 content long after the arrival of the latest PlayStation console the PS3.

When asked about the continued production of the PSP-3000, Sony stated: "It will continue to be sold, and we will keep focusing our attention on it from here on out."

The Sony NGP is set to hit markets ahead of this year’s festive period with the next-generation portable gaming console to feature a host of innovative touch control methods and a quad-core processing chip to offer high-end graphics on the move.

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Via: CVG