Sony PS3 to beat Xbox in Christmas console wars?

Survey: 41% of Christmas consoles will be PS3s

Sony's PlayStation Move looks forward to a very merry Christmas.

Of the estimated 1.8 million new games consoles set to be picked up this Christmas, a whopping 41% (750,000 units) will be Sony PlayStation 3s, according to a survey by Kelkoo and GameVision Europe.

If true this will mark the first Christmas season since 2006 where the yuletide gaming landscape has not been dominated by Nintendo's motion-tracking Wii console, which is predicted to make up just 36% of this year's sales after having its family-friendly territory muscled into by Sony and Microsoft's own motion-control technologies - the PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect.

Over two thirds (520,000) of PS3 sales are expected to be in the form of PS3 and PlayStation Move bundles.The PlayStation Move is also expected to outsell Microsoft Kinect by some 150,000 units in the run up to Christmas, with the hand-held controller-based Sony product tallying around 850,000 sales and the camera-based Kinect some 700,000.

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