Sony PlayStation 3 to get BBC Sport app in time for Olympics

The upcoming app will be available via SEN for PS3 and Bravia TVs

With a BBC News and BBC iPlayer app already available Sony will soon be offering a comprehensive sports app in time for Wimbledon and the Olympics

Sony has confirmed that it will be offering a BBC Sport app via its Sony Entertainment Network for PS3 and Bravia Smart TVs just in time for both the Olympics and Wimbledon.

The app will be completely immersive both on the PS3 and on TV offering up to 24 simultaneous streams of footage and allowing users to select multiple camera angles.

According to Sony the app will be styled on the current BBC Sports website but will feature a much faster and more intuitive UI letting you easily access the broad range of online content that will be available.

It's not just the Olympics and Wimbledon which will be getting all the attention, the same coverage will be available for the F1 as well, all accessible through the app with Sony promising around 2,500 hours of footage all available in HD.

The BBC Sport app will be available next month and while there hasn't been an official release date given it has been confirmed that it will be arriving before Wimbledon 2012.

Source: Metro