Sony Ericsson Xperia Play pictures: PSP Phone hands-on

Gaming-centric smartphone given the hands-on treatment

Hands-on pictures and verdict of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Following years of speculation and months of tantalising leaks the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, PSP Phone, has been officially unveiled ahead of a March release.

Whilst sneaked and leaked hands-on pictures with the Xperia Play have been doing the rounds online for some weeks now, T3 got some one-to-one time with the official launch device yesterday, putting the handset’s smartphone and gaming credentials to the test.

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Set to run Google’s Android 2.3 mobile operating system, Gingerbread, the Xperia Play is proclaimed to tout 60fps HD gaming although after a first play, featuring a repeated number of dropped frames, this is something we will need further persuasion on. Having sampled FIFA 11, Tetris, Asphalt and the Bruce Lee fighting sim we are of mixed opinion on the device’s gaming credentials.

Where the Xperia Play will undoubtedly reign supreme over game touting touchscreen smartphones, however, is through the inclusion of physical analogue controls. Taking away the fiddly controls that have to date held the mobile gaming market back the Sony Ericsson offering presents a very user friendly experience that is sure to create a more immersive gamer experience on the move.

Ensuring the formerly dubbed PSP Phone fulfils its smartphone branding the Xperia Play will come sporting an 8-megapixel rear camera capable of HD video recording and the full array of Android character traits.

Now that it is official does the Xperia Play match up to the long awaited expectation? Let us know what you think of the Sony Ericsson device via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play video